The Inviting Place Staff Feature: Tyler Cox

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The Inviting Place Staff Feature:  Tyler Cox

Tyler Cox, wedding specialist & inventory manager, is our Inviting Place Staff Feature for the week. We are certain that once you get to know him, you’ll love him as much as we do.

•Where did you grow up and what is your favorite thing about growing up there?
-I grew up in Mounds, OK. Despite it being a small town, I loved it. Everyone knows everyone and I am still great friends with people from my hometown today!

•High School & College Alma Mater?
High School— Mounds High School
College— The University of Oklahoma

•From where do you draw your inspiration for your Inviting Place ideas?
I’m an avid movie fan and there is something about film that is inspiring when creating invitations.

•What made you want to be in the wedding/party industry?
I have always loved design, specifically graphic design and so, it seemed like the perfect choice for me and I’ve loved every second of it!

•What is your favorite thing about working at The Inviting Place?
I absolutely adore the fact that we don’t know what is going to happen day-to-day. With each customer comes new and different ideas; I love that and it keeps me on my toes.

•If you had to choose one ‘block’ font and one ‘script’ font to write in for the rest of your life, what would they be?
I feel like I change my favorites all of the time but right now, I love neutra text in all caps for a block font and Lavanderia is my most favorite script. It’s easy to read but still formal enough to use on fancy invitations.

•Name a non-wedding related guilty pleasure that you have.
Downton Abbey

•What’s your Favorite Color?

•What is your favorite sports team (college or professional)?
The Sooners, of course. Boomer!

•Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?
Ty Ty