Themed Weddings: Oh, Yes or OH, NO?

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When it comes to themed weddings, there is a fine line between well done and tack tack tacky.  When themes are brought up, I usually fight the cringe face while images of the movie ’27 Dress’ run through my head.  On the other hand, there are those specific ideas that when done correctly, can be absolutely magical.  This invitation suite from Tartine Paperie out of Canada is absolutely phenomenal.  The Great Gatsby theme was chosen and instead of running the other way, creative minds came together to create a letterpressed, art deco inspired set of invitations that rivals any traditional wedding invitations that you could find.  The mix of golds and white were immaculately done making the theme clear but not overdone.  So, if thinking of doing a theme for your wedding, take a page from these people’s book and go  for it!  Now, grab your most fabulous beaded dress and pour that champagne… It’s time to head back into the Roaring 20’s!!  See you there!! xoxoxo.







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