Winter Wedding Obsession Continued.

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Winter Wedding Obsession Continued.

Okay, so, I am well aware that I have been stuck on Winter Weddings. I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to get enough!! There are a few reasons why this could be: #1-Could we please get any snow in Tulsa? I mean, come on now. #2-It would be exactly how I would do it. There’s something about a winter wedding that seems so intimate and pure and absolutely perfect. and Finally, #3-these people are just beautiful, right? So, when I think of winter weddings, the first place to start is a color palate. I think slate blues, silvers/grays and maybe some chocolate brown depending on how rustic you’re looking to get. If you want to push a winter wedding into spring, incorporating greens and yellows can be gorgeous, as well. Once colors are chosen, we, at The Inviting Place, think that the invitation is the best place to start. The invitation gives your event a foundation for everything else to be built off of and there’s nothing better than a wedding that carries a common theme throughout. Whether you choose a vintage letterpress look, a contemporary thermography print or a traditional engraved invitation, your event’s look will stem from these choices. There are so many different options & so many different avenues that your special day can take and there is nothing more that The Inviting Place staff would love than to help you sort out the details. We, not only can handle your invitations, but would love to help with your entire event from beginning to end. Any 2013 Winter Brides, we can’t wait to hear from you and get started planning your special day. xoxo.


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