Bridal Feature: Nikki Montgomery

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Bridal Feature: Nikki Montgomery

When Nikki and her darling mom came in to start looking at wedding invitations, we knew this was going to be a fun bride to work with. When we asked the question, “when is your big day?” and she said New Years Eve… we couldn’t have been more thrilled. There are so many colors, fonts and party details that come to mind when planning a NYE wedding. Once we’d looked at a lot of different books and gathered a lot of inspiration, we settled on doing something custom through the store. Every element was one of a kind and so incredibly neat, we were thrilled to handle it for her. As you can see by the pictures, Nikki knew what she liked and she went for it. Using thermography print throughout, incorporating the cobalt blue, silver and pinks that she used for her wedding and keeping with the fun aspect of a New Years Eve wedding, Nikki outdid herself. We couldn’t have asked for a more cooperative, fun loving, easy going bride to work with. Thank you, Nikki and congratulations to you and Mark. We wish you all the happiness in the world for the future. xoxo, The Inviting Place.


Love is in the Air at The Inviting Place

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Love is in the Air at The Inviting Place

As we near closer to the month of February, I can’t help but feel a couple of butterflies as Valentines Day is almost upon us. To be honest, Valentines Day is one of my most favorite holidays because, let’s get real, who doesn’t love love? And we are certainly feeling the love at The Inviting Place. From spectacular cards to vibrant wrapping paper and darling invitations to kids valentines day treats, we have everything you need to make your Valentines Day absolutely perfect. Happy almost February and Happy early Valentines Day from all of us at The Inviting Place. xoxoxo.

Winter Wedding Obsession Continued.

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Winter Wedding Obsession Continued.

Okay, so, I am well aware that I have been stuck on Winter Weddings. I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to get enough!! There are a few reasons why this could be: #1-Could we please get any snow in Tulsa? I mean, come on now. #2-It would be exactly how I would do it. There’s something about a winter wedding that seems so intimate and pure and absolutely perfect. and Finally, #3-these people are just beautiful, right? So, when I think of winter weddings, the first place to start is a color palate. I think slate blues, silvers/grays and maybe some chocolate brown depending on how rustic you’re looking to get. If you want to push a winter wedding into spring, incorporating greens and yellows can be gorgeous, as well. Once colors are chosen, we, at The Inviting Place, think that the invitation is the best place to start. The invitation gives your event a foundation for everything else to be built off of and there’s nothing better than a wedding that carries a common theme throughout. Whether you choose a vintage letterpress look, a contemporary thermography print or a traditional engraved invitation, your event’s look will stem from these choices. There are so many different options & so many different avenues that your special day can take and there is nothing more that The Inviting Place staff would love than to help you sort out the details. We, not only can handle your invitations, but would love to help with your entire event from beginning to end. Any 2013 Winter Brides, we can’t wait to hear from you and get started planning your special day. xoxo.

Wedding Wednesday… One Day Late!

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We constantly get asked about wedding and invitation etiquette so, in honor of Emily Post,  We are going to feature a weekly etiquette post.  For today, let’s talk about some do’s and some don’ts.


  • Do allow plenty of time.  We suggest sending out invitations about eight weeks in advance.  Make sure that you allow plenty of time for addressing, assembling & mailing.  Sometimes it takes longer than you think!
  • Do remember that Organization is Key. Lists, Lists, Lists.  Nothing will make your life easier than being organized.  When gathering addresses, excel will be your best friend.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. Make it a party.  Invite friends over, pour some wine and get things done quicker while spending time with friends.  Make it fun!
  • Do your research on guests. Although sometimes it happens from time to time that you won’t know the names of those accompanying your guests and that’s okay.  But if you do your research, it certainly makes the invitation appear warmer and that’s important.
  • Do not forget…when in doubt ask.  Using the correct titles is very important, it makes your guests feel flattered that you took the time to get it right.  So, when in doubt, ask before addressing.


  • Don’t forget  that inserts are key.  Things such as maps, directions or hotel information for out-of-town guests is very important.  It will not only make it easier for them, it will also make things easier for you as it alleviates a lot of questions.
  • Don’t include registry or gift information with your invitation. People will ask if they are unsure of where you are registered.  Make sure not to put it on your invitation, it’s just in poor taste.
  • Don’t do multiple mailings. This is when careful planning comes into play.  It’s not a good thing to do a mailing and see how many people reply with a “yes” and then invite additional people.  You’d be surprised how quickly word gets around.  So, make sure that you cover all your bases while doing one mailing.
  • Don’t address invitations with labels. It’s certainly easy to use labels but it just doesn’t look the same.  Make sure to handwrite invitations or have them printed.  You will like the way they look.  I guarantee it.

Wedding Wednesday... One Day Late!