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Dear College Football, We Love You. Sincerely, The Inviting Place.

So, we couldn’t be more thrilled that College Football is on the horizon.  We’ve started stocking up on all of our fun tailgate gear and I don’t mean to brag, but we have the cutest stuff.  From koozies to cups and napkins to straws and really any personalized gear that you could want, we’re your one stop shop for your tailgating needs.  Stop in today and mention our 15% deal that we have going on through August 31st to get the discount.  Can’t wait to see the fun things that you choose… we might even have to invite ourselves to YOUR tailgate.  See you soon!  xoxo, The Inviting Place.



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Meet the Design Team at The Inviting Place.

Katy Quinn, co-owner and senior design consultant, is a creative and fabulous little lady. We are certain that once you get to know her, you’ll love her as much as we do.

•Where did you grow up and what is your favorite thing about growing up there?
I love everything about Tulsa. I love the people, the city,
everything! I have lived here since 3rd grade and I can’t ever
imagine leaving, unless I decide to open up The Inviting Place in
Seaside, my second favorite place in the world!

•High School & College Alma Mater?
High School— Bishop Kelley
College— Oklahoma State

•From where do you draw your inspiration for your Inviting Place ideas?
Sara and Elizabeth.

•What made you want to be in the wedding/party industry?
I always thought that I wanted to be a Wedding/Event Planner
and then I soon realized that it wasn’t for me. So, this is perfect
for me. I get to help with all the fun stuff and then still see them
until the end. I am always sad though when I have helped certain
brides and then their wedding ends.

•What is your favorite thing about working at The Inviting Place?
The people that I work with and the new & exciting things I learn
and get to work on everyday!

•If you had to choose one ‘block’ font and one ‘script’ font to write in for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Serlio for the block all the way! I would have to say for now my
main scripts are Peoni Pro and Carolyna Black. But, most likely
will change next month.

•Name a non-wedding related guilty pleasure that you have.
The Bachelor Pad

•What’s your Favorite Color?

•What is your favorite sports team (college or professional)?
Oklahoma State Cowboys & OKC Thunder

•Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?
Kit Kat

Happy (belated) National Cupcake Day!!

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Happy (belated) National Cupcake Day!!

So, I know what you’re thinking, how irresponsible are we for missing National Cupcake Day? Well, allow me to explain. Everyday is N.C.D. at The Inviting Place because of Paper Eskimo. I know I’ve ranted and raved about this fabulous line but, they deserve at least one more shout out. Attention to detail is key and this spectacular collection of colorful and festive baking supplies, party accessories and bash-worthy items are sure to spice up any soiree. So, in the name of all things cupcakes, get in here today and grab yours before they’re all gone!!

Back to School… Back to School.

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phone covers

Although I am long gone from college, I still love to relive my glory days. When I first pledged my sorority, you better bet I stocked my wardrobe, put that sticker on my car and had pretty much all of the sorority swag that I could get my hands on. If Clairebella had been around during that time, I would have been the coolest girl on campus. Clairebella makes it simple to stand out incorporating unique, personalized items that not EVERYONE has because, let’s get real, who really wants to be a clone of every girl on campus?? Not me. So, on that note, stop in today or head over to our vendor page on our site (click on the picture) and select Clairebella under ‘Gifts’ to check out all that they have to offer. I promise you will not be disappointed. Can’t wait to see what you choose!! xoxo, The Inviting Place.

Absolutely Flawless Baby Announcements from Smock

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Absolutely Flawless Baby Announcements from Smock

How could we not have babies on the mind when there are these fantastic baby announcements available from Smock? I mean, who doesn’t want to present their bundle of joy to the world in a unique and fun way? Smock allows you to pick colors, patterns and fonts that showcase your family in the exact way that you’re looking for. Whether you want something simple and classic or a fun and colorful look, Smock has exactly what you’re looking for. Stop in to The Inviting Place today and let one of our knowledgeable design consultants help you choose the perfect announcement for you, your baby and your family. Cannot wait to see what you choose!!